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Select the domain for which you want to order an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate as a security protocol


The padlock icon next to the address shows encryption status

The padlock icon which you can see to the left of the address box is called the Site Identity Button and shows you that this site has an SSL certificate installed. This symbol informs your visitors that data transmission is encrypted so that they can trust it and prefer it over competing sites.


Profit from a higher Google rank

SSL-encrypted sites are considered safer so they rank higher in Google search results. Why? Google is strongly committed to keeping Internet users safe and therefore rewards securely encrypted sites by giving them higher positions in the list.


Speed up your website

Thanks to HTTP/2, websites with secure data encryption open much faster in a web browser than those with legacy HTTP/1.x versions, while preventing data from being captured.


Show that your website is genuine

An SSL-protected website is verified as authentic, meaning that it is owned by the party for which the SSL certificate was issued. A secure Internet connection ensures that data will be sent to the right recipient.


Keep your users safe

Keep your users safe SSL is currently the primary means of providing security on the Internet. An SSL certificate protects data sent by your site visitors, thereby complying with legal requirements. People visiting your site will appreciate that you care about their safety.


Protect subdomains with a wildcard certificate

Using wildcard SSL certificates is recommended particularly for those who own multiple subdomains.

Set up an SSL certificate in 3 steps


Choose the right type of security certificate for your website. If you have subdomains, choose a wildcard SSL certificate.


Provide the domain that you wish to secure with an SSL certificate. Enter only one name at a time. If you have more domain names to protect, repeat all the steps for each one.


Once in the cart, check domain names and types of certificates. Correct if necessary. If the details are OK, confirm your order.