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Thanks to the deployment of DNS servers in various places around the world, Anycast technology shortens the time it takes to open websites. Queries for a specific domain are always directed to the nearest DNS server within the reach of a given user. A large number of active DNS servers and their geographical location on 6 continents significantly increases the security of the DNS service, eliminating the risk of its unavailability due to DDoS attacks or problems on interconnect lines.


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Protection against DDoS attacks DDoS attacks consist in blocking the operation of servers by mass querying them by bots, i.e. infected computers. Thanks to the location of Anycast netart.com DNS servers on 6 continents, potential DDoS attacks are absorbed at the local level, thus minimizing the risk of possible service downtime and maximizing the speed of responses provided by the DNS server.

Privacy protection with DNS over TLS DNS over TLS protects the privacy of queries and responses from the DNS system. While during the user's communication with the website itself, the connection is usually encrypted (using the HTTPS protocol), Internet providers can still find out what website someone who uses their services is currently connecting to. Thanks to DNS over TLS, the connection between the user's computer and the DNS server is encrypted, as a result of which Internet providers are unable to verify which websites are currently visited by their customers.

Automatic configuration of DNSSEC security Domains with DNSSEC protection enabled are protected against being redirected to a fake website. This is important when we enter, for example, a bank or online store website. Fake websites of various companies or institutions are often used to extort passwords and credit card numbers. Only a few DNS server operators offer the possibility of using DNSSEC and DNS over TLS security at the same time. The service is available for selected domains for which netart.com provides registration services.

Automatic configuration of SPF, DKIM, DMARC For domains hosted at netart.com, thanks to DNS Anycast, automatic configuration of DKIM security is performed, along with adding keys for signing e-mails to the mail server. Thanks to the automatic configuration of DKIM, e-mails are sent with a unique signature, which affects their positive treatment by the anti-spam filters of the receiving servers. The DMARC mechanism makes it possible to confirm whether a specific e-mail should be accepted by the receiving server, and the SPF protection defines a list of servers authorized to send e-mails.

The DNS Anycast service is available for free for domains maintained at netart.com

Domain registration at netart.com takes place in the "Secure domain" package, under which the DNS Anycast service is launched free of charge. Throughout the period in which you maintain your domain at netart.com, you can enjoy a number of additional benefits free of charge, which are provided by Anycast technology and a rich security package for your domain. Transfer your domain to netart.com


Activate the Anycast DNS service for a domain hosted outside netart.com and use it for free all year round!

Do you maintain your domain with another registrar? No worries. You can still use Anycast DNS and speed up your website and email. You do not need to have CloudHosting at netart.com to take advantage of the advantages of Anycast technology and additional security offered as part of the package. Use the latest technologies from netart.com!

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Standard DNS query

standardowe zapytanie DNS

Long waiting time for a response The single location of the DNS server means that queries for the selected domain from users from all over the world must be handled by a DNS server often located very far from the computer sending the query.

Risk of not being connected to the site An extended query route is a risk that in the event of problems with interconnect connections, the computer sending the query will not receive a response about a given domain. The same risk arises in the event of a failure of a single DNS server that stores information about the domain.

Anycast DNS application

Zastosowanie DNS Anycast

Quick response from the nearest DNS server Anycast netart.com DNS servers located on all inhabited continents are ready to provide an immediate response about a given domain in the shortest possible time.

Quick access to the website and e-mail DNS Anycast offers up to several times faster responses to the Internet domain associated with the website and e-mail. Regardless of where the computer sending the request for a given domain is located, the DNS server's response, thanks to the Anycast technology, is provided immediately.

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