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Full specification available in the desktop version

Full specification

SaaS OpenSearch



Powerful Intel Xeon processors enable fast SaaS service operations.
2,2 GHz 2,2 GHz 2,2 GHz

Maximum number of virtual processors (vCPU)

The dedicated part of the physical processor provides the computing power needed to run the SaaS service at the level indicated in the selected offer.
2 4 8


The dedicated portion of operational memory allocated to the SaaS service provides the resources needed for its smooth operation.
8 GB 16 GB 32 GB

NVMe drives

NVMe SSDs provide the high-speed read and write operations necessary for the SaaS service to function properly. The disk space is shared by user data, operating system, configuration files, logs and other files necessary for the service operation.
25 GB 50 GB 100 GB

Link speeds

The use of broadband, fibre-optic connections and access to multiple carrier traffic exchange points ensures fast data transmission. The maximum bandwidth of the SaaS service is specified in the selected offer.
50 Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps

Monthly transfer

The transfer specifies the total amount of data sent from and to the Service within a calendar month, measured on the IP layer.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

High-Availability Cloud Computing

SaaS services run in a high-availability cloud, so they can be migrated between servers without the need to restart them. This makes it possible to guarantee the high SLA and resources on offer.

IPv4 address

The SaaS service exclusively receives 1 public IPv4 address to connect to it from the Internet.

Virtualisation type

Virtualisation ensures that the SaaS service is fully independent of other services running on the same physical server. All processes of the individual SaaS services run independently and use the resources allocated to each service.

SLA / Uptime

99,9% 99,9% 99,9%

Backup copy

To protect the data, netart.com, for its own needs, performs daily snapshot backups, which are stored for 72 hours.


Available versions of the SaaS service

As part of the SaaS service, it is possible to select your preferred version of the software. When using the service, the previously selected version can be changed using the Service Control Panel.
Mantis 2.26 Mantis 2.26 Mantis 2.26

Service management panel

SaaS service management can be accessed through the SaaS Panel. It allows you to perform SaaS service restart, reinstallation along with software version change, and view SaaS service usage.

Paid extras

TAK- available for the selected version
-- not available for the selected version

Reverse DNS for IP address

This service allows you to enter a description for the IP address assigned to your SaaS service. You will be able to replace the standard generated description of the dedicated-aez48.rev.netart.com type with a description of your choice such as myanydomain.com. Setting the description of the dedicated IP address according to the domain name of your choice will increase the reputation of your SaaS service on the Internet.
Standard price list
PRICE (CZK/month)
PRICE (CZK/3 months)
PRICE (CZK/6 months)
PRICE (CZK/year)
SaaS Mantis Pro
2 400 CZK
2 904 CZK
7 200 CZK
8 712 CZK
14 400 CZK
17 424 CZK
28 800 CZK
34 848 CZK
Additional services
PRICE (CZK/months)
PRICE (CZK/3 months)
PRICE (CZK/6 months)
PRICE (CZK/year)
Reverse DNS for IP address
200 CZK
242 CZK
600 CZK
726 CZK
1 200 CZK
1 452 CZK
2 400 CZK
2 904 CZK