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CDN netart.com


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Services provided by netart.com are implemented in modern cloud computing technology, which guarantees greater resource scalability than traditional hosting and ensures response to potential failures in fractions of seconds. Each website is served simultaneously on several hundred servers, so that regardless of the time of day or night, all websites operate at the maximum possible speed.

Each domain configured on CloudHosting netart.com servers can additionally benefit from the content distribution service provided by CDN netart.com. Thanks to it, copies of components of websites are maintained in multiple locations around the world, which shortens the path of data transfer to users and reduces the load on your hosting. Direct access to multiple Internet traffic exchange points ensures instant information transfer, and dispersed DDoS protection system in each CDN netart.com node protects websites from attacks. A team of netart.com engineers oversees the correct operation of the entire system from start to finish, and integration of CDN netart.com with hosting ensures accelerated loading of Web sites regardless of the location of those using them.

CloudHosting with CDN netart.com

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Dynamic resource allocation across hundreds of servers

Servers are allocated to serve incoming requests related to websites by devices called load balancers. Servers are selected dynamically based on the load of each server in the cloud, with decisions made in thousandths of a second. What happens if a website generates more traffic? There are no delays in operation, as load balancers immediately recognize such a situation and intelligently balance the traffic between the netart.com cloud servers with the least load.

netart.com’s CloudHosting uses ultra fast Intel Xeon server processors with high clock speed to make each website run fast and reliably. Thanks to state-of-the-art Intel Optane drives and cloud hosting technology, the speed of each website is independent of time of day and the load generated by other netart.com customers’ websites. CloudHosting offers the processing power of hundreds of servers rather than of a single server as is the case with classic web hosting services.

CDN netart.com speeds up CloudHosting

Websites that use static file caching with CDN netart.com run much faster than websites that do not use this technology. CDN netart.com caching servers are located in key cities for internet traffic around the world to provide users with access to website content from their nearest geographical location.

As the physical distance between a server and a user becomes shorter, performance is improved, delays in content delivery are eliminated, and websites open faster. Using CDN netart.com nodes directly translates into improved web page positioning, since search engines algorithms take account of how fast pages are loaded.

CDN netart.com efficiently protects you against Distributed Denial of Service attacks, since the direct traffic exchange between Internet service providers at a number of traffic exchange points effectively limits the consequences of a potential attack from the affected network only to its connection points.

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More than 1,000,000 customers have used NetArt Group services since 1997, registering more than 5,000,000 domains and launching more than 500,000 hosting services and 1,000,000 SSL certificates. Join the ranks of those who benefit from premium solutions.

With NetArt Group, your web presence will be pure pleasure, and your users will appreciate the security and speed of your website!

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