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A domain transfer is in other words a change of the company where you pay for the domain and where you manage the domain technically. During a domain transfer, the handling of the domain is transferred from the current registrar to netart.com. When initiating a domain transfer, you must be in possession of its authorisation code (otherwise known as an authinfo code). You can obtain the authorisation code from the company where you currently pay for the domain being transferred.

Transfer your domain to netart.com to gain speed and security

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    24/7 support (e-mail, chat)

    netart.com consultants are available 24 hours a day, all days of the week to offer assistance in the operation of services and the selection of additional services.

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    Anycast DNS servers

    Anycast technology reduces the time it takes to open web pages by deploying DNS servers in different locations on Earth. Queries for a particular domain are directed to the nearest server within the user's range, and other servers are ready to respond in the event of unavailability.

    Serwery DNS Anycast w natart.com
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    Service DNSSEC

    DNSSEC protects against cybercrime by preventing web browsers from being redirected to a fake website. The protection is an essential protection for any domain. The service is available for domains for which netart.com provides registration services.

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    SPF, DKIM, DMARC security features

    Automatically activated security features that protect the domain's email accounts from third-party impersonation of the email sender. The security features are configured in DNS and allow for the restriction of the list of servers authorised to send mail, the signing of e-mails with asymmetric RSA encryption keys, and the detection and reporting to the domain administrator of attempts to forge messages.

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    DNS over TLS security

    DNS over TLS encrypts DNS queries, enhancing the privacy and security of those accessing the website in the domain.

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    CAA protection

    A CAA is a security feature in the DNS that protects against the unauthorised issuing of an SSL certificate for a domain. The CAA indicates the Certification Authority authorised to issue the SSL certificate.

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    Domain management panel

    The Advanced Customer Panel allows you to manage your domains in an intuitive way. Among other things, it allows you to configure settings in DNS and update the domain subscriber's data.

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