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Cloud Hosting Technology

CloudHosting outperforms traditional hosting

CloudHosting from netart.com, or cloud hosting, is a modern solution that surpasses traditional hosting, where the website is hosted only on a single server. Cloud hosting with the netart.com CDN service offers greater speed, scalability of resources and response to failures in fractions of seconds. On cloud hosting with CDN netart.com, each website is served simultaneously in clusters of hundreds of servers that are specialized to handle web, email, database, FTP, SSH and CRON tasks. Each of the purchased hosting has access to hundreds of processors and terabytes of RAM, and only the parameters of the purchased offer limit how much resources it can use.

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Dynamic allocation of resources from several hundred servers

Assigning servers to handle incoming requests for websites is handled by devices called load balancers. The selection is made dynamically based on the load level of each of the servers that make up the cloud, and decisions are made within thousandths of a second. Which of the supported websites is starting to generate more traffic? There is no question of any slowdowns in operation, because load balancers will immediately detect such a situation and intelligently distribute traffic between the least loaded servers in the netart.com cloud.

szybki hosting netart.com

Cloud hosting is faster

CloudHosting at netart.com uses very fast Intel Xeon server processors with high clock speeds, which ensures that each website will run quickly and reliably. The use of modern Intel Optane drives and cloud hosting technology means that the speed of operation of each website is independent of the time of day and the load generated by websites of other netart.com users. CloudHosting offers the computing power of hundreds of servers, not a single server as in the case of classic hosting.

szybki hosting netart.com

Hosting in the cloud is resistant to failures

Individual servers in the netart.com cloud can be turned off at any time, as all requests for websites are automatically redirected by load balancers to the others, which are still working. Hardware failures, system maintenance and replacement of components in individual servers do not affect the continuity of operation of websites operated by netart.com.

hosting netart.com failure resistant

Guarantee of resource availability

Thanks to the use of dynamic resource allocation from hundreds of servers operating in the netart.com cloud, it is possible to guarantee processor power for each hosting service throughout its provision, regardless of the load generated by other users' websites. In the case of traditional hosting, it is not possible to provide processor utilization parameters, because the amount of free resources on a single server is limited by the performance of this server, i.e. it is a fraction of the possibilities offered by cloud hosting. The effect of overloading the server in traditional hosting is the often observed slowdown in the operation of websites during peak hours, when the largest number of users want to use them at the same time.

LXC containerization increases security and reliability

CloudHosting uses LXC containerization in operation. Containers are created in the operating system, and only inside each of them is a set of necessary processes launched. This ensures the separation of each single service at the level of the virtual environment, thus increasing its security, work stability and operational reliability.

Storage of data on disk arrays

CloudHosting service users' data is not stored locally on disks mounted in servers, but is placed on external disk arrays. They are equipped with drives made with 3D TLC NAND flash memory technology, which provide performance at 50 GB and 10 000 000 IOPS per second. Such a high speed of operations, combined with just 26 microseconds needed to write data, allows the device to provide lightning-fast service for even the most demanding applications.

Przechowywanie danych na macierzach dyskowych | netart.com

Any expansion of computing power

Need extra computing power? No problem, more servers are added to the cloud, and load balancers automatically redirect some of the traffic to them, balancing the load in the entire cluster. All this is done in a manner imperceptible to the operation of all supported websites. When traffic decreases, you can also unnoticed disconnect some of the servers, for the sake of lower power consumption and environmental protection.

Rozbudowa serwerów w netart.com

Duplicate all cloud items

All elements of the netart.com cloud are duplicated, starting from double power paths, double power supplies in each device, through a double network, to multiple duplicated load balancers controlling the operation of all servers. Network connections are made using fiber optic technology with a speed of up to 100 Gbps, ensuring very low transmission delays and high operational reliability. Duplicate RAID arrays synchronizing data with each other ensure the possibility of quick recovery in the event of major disk failures, and backups made to other Data Centers are an ironclad protection in the event of a complete failure of data carriers in the primary and backup arrays in the netart.com cloud.

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