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  • Copy of deleted messages 90 days
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Mail Backup Pay-Per-Use

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Description of Mail Backup

Mail Backup is a professional service thanks to which you can make backup copies of messages stored in e-mail boxes. Copies are created automatically even every 5 minutes or at the user's request. Mail Backup allows you to perform them regardless of whether you use mail servers, such as gmail.com, wp.pl, onet.pl, o2.pl, etc., or you maintain your mailboxes with commercial providers.

Managing copies of e-mail accounts is done using a dedicated application that you can install on a computer running Windows, macOS or Linux. A clear interface and intuitive operation make Mail Backup a solution for anyone who wants to effectively protect their e-mail correspondence.

The Mail Backup service is offered in two billing models. If you prefer upfront payments and guaranteed resources, you should choose Mail Backup in the Subscription Model. On the other hand, when you are looking for a flexible service with no storage space limit, the cost of which is based on its actual use, choose Mail Backup Pay-Per-Use.

What do you get with Mail Backup Pay-Per-Use?

  • icon Copies every 5 minutes

    Using Mail Backup Pay-Per-Use, you can perform automatic backups of e-mail boxes every 5 minutes. This is very important, because even if your e-mail provider makes its own copies, it usually does it once a day, and this does not effectively protect e-mail accounts against the loss of important messages contained therein. In addition, regardless of the schedule, you can perform an additional on-demand backup at any time.

  • icon Unlimited

    Mail Backup Pay-Per-Use provides unlimited storage space in the netart.com cloud for copies of your messages that you store in e-mail boxes with any provider. Regardless of whether you use free mail or a commercial solution, you have the option of providing your e-mails with the highest level of security.

  • icon Security

    Mail Backup ensures effective protection of your e-mail, regardless of which provider of this type of service you use. In the event of accidental deletion of a message or even an entire mailbox, you can recover its contents with one mouse click. Mail Backup allows you to restore the deleted content of e-mail accounts up to 90 days back.

  • icon File protection

    Mail Backup provides multi-level data security. Before sending copies of messages to the Data Center, which meets the TIER III standard and has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates, they are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm with a password assigned by the computer user. Thanks to this, they are protected against possible unauthorized reading by third parties.

  • icon Service friendliness

    Backup of e-mail data is created incrementally, i.e. a full backup of the mailbox is created first, and subsequent updates of its contents are made on the basis of supplementing the information, by adding only the changed elements. Thanks to this solution, the application does not overload the Internet connection, which makes it possible to backup very large e-mail accounts.

Full specification available in the desktop version

Detailed specification of the Mail Backup service

IMAP connection to a mail server

Mail Backup supports RFC9051-compliant mail servers and allows you to back up the current contents of e-mail boxes to which you can connect via the IMAP protocol. The software creates a 1:1 copy of all folders and messages in a given email account, without modifying its settings or contents.

Intuitive application

Making backups has never been so easy. The email backup application installs on your computer in seconds, and the intuitive way of creating backups allows anyone with a Windows, macOS or Linux computer to use the Backup service.

AES-256 local data encryption

E-mails are encrypted locally on the computer and secured with a secure password known only to the user before being sent to the server. The encryption is done using the symmetric AES-256 algorithm, supported by hardware on all modern processors, which makes backing up a computer less of a burden.

Incremental backups

A full backup of emails is made and subsequent copies are created on an update basis, adding only the changed information. This solution saves the amount of transmitted data, reduces the load on the Internet connection and allows for archiving larger amounts of data.

Data deduplication

Data from the computer is stored on the server in the form of blocks of a fixed size. This makes it possible to make backup copies of even a very large number of e-mails and speed up all operations. Duplicate files or similar contents are saved only once in the backup. A small change to a large file on a computer allows only the changed fragment, rather than the entire file, to be sent to the server, reducing the load on the Internet connection.

Data compression

Data from the computer is compressed up to several times before being sent to the server using the high-speed ZIP algorithm. This allows archiving more e-mails and transferring more data at the same time.

On-demand backup

You can back up from your computer at any time, regardless of the defined backup schedule. This makes it possible to send e-mails that have been changed on the computer to the server immediately after modification.

Cloud backup schedule

Email archiving is done automatically according to a schedule set by the computer user. The schedule allows you to specify on which days and at what time the data should be copied to the server.

A copy of deleted data

Files and directories deleted on the computer are kept backed up on the server for 90 more days. If you modify a file on your computer or delete it, you can recover that file as it was backed up each day, up to 90 days back.

Backup copy verification

The email backup program regularly downloads a random set of files from the server, restores their contents and verifies their integrity. In this way, problems with the data stored on the server can be detected before it is necessary to restore it to the computer.

Configuration via a web browser

Configuration of settings and use of all features of the backup program is done via a web browser. Performing any of the data creation or recovery operations is easy and allows any user to use Mail Backup.

Configure the link speed limit

Configuring settings and using all features of the backup program is done via a web browser. Performing any data creation or recovery operation is easy and allows any user to use Mail Backup.

Suspend the backup schedule

Pause email backup schedule allows you to periodically disable automatic backup. This is a useful feature if your computer uses a low-performance fixed link or one that is billed according to the amount of data transferred.

Cloud Backup

Computer data is maintained in the cloud using netart.com's fiber optic broadband. Emails are stored on RAID10 arrays and protected by an additional backup in a separate Data Center.

Secure Data Center

Mail Backup service is provided in Data Centers that meet the TIER III standard and have ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. This ensures physical security of servers and collected data, as well as high availability of 99.9% of the time the service is provided. netart.com's Data Centers are connected to each other by fiber optic links.

Quick access to data backup

The highest speed of data access is ensured by netart.com's participation in the largest national and international Internet traffic exchange nodes, as well as netart.com's direct connections with many telecommunications operators with a total bandwidth of over 400 Gbps. The large reserve of free bandwidth of netart.com's connections makes it possible to make backups at the highest speed available for the computers from which the backups are made.

Requirements to run Mail Backup application

  • Windows 10 and 11, macOS 11 and 12, Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04, Debian 10 and 11, Fedora 34 and 35),
  • installed web browser (current version): Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari,
  • 200 MB of free disk space.

Meet Email Backup

program mail backup nazwa pl
program mail backup nazwa pl-2
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program mail backup nazwa pl-4

Technical requirements for the operation of the Mail Backup application

Operating system: Windows 1011

200 MB of free hard drive space

Web browser (current version)

  • Chrome,
  • Firefox,
  • Edge.

Operating system: macOS 1112

200 MB of free hard drive space

Web browser (current version)

  • Safari.

Operating system: Linux

200 MB of free hard drive space


  • Ubuntu 18.0420.04,
  • Debian 1011,
  • Fedora 3435.

Frequently asked questions about Mail Backup

    • Even if your email provider does its own backup, it usually does it once a day. Mail Backup allows you to perform automatic backups of e-mail boxes with a schedule even every 5 minutes and at any time at the user's request. By using Mail Backup, you can take care of important messages with the frequency you prefer, which largely excludes the possibility of their potential loss. Mail Backup, working in the background on your computer, will independently ensure that the backup copy of each of the e-mail boxes added in its configuration is updated in the netart.com cloud according to the schedule.
    • Before the copies of messages go to the netart.com cloud, Mail Backup locally encrypts data with the AES-256 algorithm. Each single e-mail is therefore secured with a block cipher with a symmetric key based on an individual password that is known only to the application user and cannot be recalled. It is worth mentioning that also the Data Center in which the netart.com cloud is located meets the highest TIER III standards and has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.
    • Mail Backup allows you to back up multiple independent email boxes. These can be both accounts maintained with a free provider, as well as commercial mail available, for example, on the CloudHosting and CloudMail services at netart.com. Updates of created backups can be performed either according to a predetermined schedule or at any time, at the user's request. The intuitive interface of the application allows you to easily manage all email backups, also for people who do not have specialist IT knowledge.
    • Install Mail Backup on your computer.
    • Prepare the service identifier and one-time code, which you will find in your Customer Panel by the Mail Backup service.
    • Click the Mail Backup icon on your computer desktop or run the application from the system tray.
    • In the application window, enter its identifier and one-time code, and then save the settings.
    • After activation, give your own password for data encryption and make the first backup.
    • Log in to the Customer Panel and go to the My Services -> Mail Backup tab. Click the "Generate" button to create a one-time code. Remember that the one-time code is valid for 7 days from ordering the service or generating it in the Customer Panel.
    • After starting Mail Backup, enter the service ID and one-time code.
    • Give your own copy encryption password.
    • In the settings window for a new copy of data, enter the name of the e-mail account, password and address of the IMAP server.
    • If you want to set automatic updating of the content of the e-mail account, in the schedule settings, select on which days and at what time the program should perform them.
    • Save the settings.
    • Click the Mail Backup icon on your computer desktop or run the program from the system tray.
    • Select "Restore Files" from the application menu.
    • Indicate an interesting e-mail address and start data recovery using the "Restore backup" button.
    • Select the date of the copy from which the e-mail account data is to be restored.
    • Specify the location where the emails should be restored.
    • To start restoring messages from the backup, click the "Restore backup" button.
    • Using Mail Backup, in a situation where, for example, you accidentally delete an important message from your account or lose access to the mailbox, you can recover selected or all messages from each day on which they were backed up (up to 90 days back). Restoring messages from the Mail Backup backup to the original or a completely different e-mail account consists in adding missing messages to the inbox. If there were any e-mails on the e-mail box to which the content from the copy is being restored before the procedure began, they will not be deleted or overwritten.
    • Click the Mail Backup icon on the computer desktop or run the application from the system tray, and then select the "Statistics" option from the menu available on the left side of the application window.
    • Log in to the Customer Panel and go to the My Services -> Mail Backup tab. Then click on the "Statistics" link under the name of the service. Information about the used disk space as part of the Mail Backup service will be available on the charts visible there.
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