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CloudHosting Servers

Netart.com servers are divided into clusters specialized in servicing websites, e-mail, databases, FTP, SSH and CRON tasks. Each CloudHosting service has access to hundreds of processors and terabytes of RAM, and only the parameters of the offer limit how much resources it can use.

Netart.com server clusters for CloudHosting services are built on the basis of very fast Intel Xeon processors operating at speeds up to 5 GHz. High clock speed and a small number of cores in a single processor, as well as the turbo mode enabled permanently thanks to efficient cooling, ensure rapid execution of all operations in a single thread. The load between hundreds of servers is distributed using load balancers, which ensures that PHP scripts are always executed with the same high performance.

cloudhosting with cdn netart.com

The use of expensive Intel Optane drives on database servers, using the 3D XPoint recording technology, ensures that all operations are performed twice as fast, compared to NVMe SSD drives commonly used by other hosting companies operating in NAND technology. These drives are also characterized by very high operational stability, even under high load, and a significantly increased number of data writing cycles and durability. This solution meets the needs of even the most demanding customers, whose software performs millions of database operations every day.

cloudhosting with cdn netart.com, Intel Optane

The advanced IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) detection and prevention system, also implemented using specialized Fortinet network devices, ensures detection of attacks at the network scanning stage, even before the attacks begin. This protection covers both websites, databases and e-mail. Traffic filtering takes place in millionths of a second and does not cause measurable delays. The IPS system detects from several hundred thousand to several million incidents every day, blocking access to hundreds of thousands of services operated by netart.com.

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