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Optimising your website is a process of great importance for your business. A website that loads quickly and is adapted to mobile devices is perceived better and gains a better position in Google results. With an optimised website, companies attract new audiences for their services and goods, which translates directly into revenue. A professional appearance and appropriate website design shape a positive brand image.

  1. Improving performance: the audit identifies potential areas affecting the site's performance. Improving these will reduce the loading time of your website and have a positive impact on its overall responsiveness.
  2. Making the most of hosting: a professional search engine optimisation company is familiar with the latest trends and technologies that hosting offers. The actions carried out by it will allow you to take full advantage of the hosting on which the website is.
  3. User behaviour analysis: carrying out a behavioural analysis of users allows you to understand what the habits and preferences of site visitors are. This allows you to adjust the site's interface to better meet users' expectations.
  4. Fresh eyes: with new ideas and suggestions for developing the website, it can be quickly improved and adapted to the changing needs of the sector.
Optymalizacja strony WWW

What factors can positively influence the speed of a website?

Optymalizacja strony WWW
  • Use of the CDN netart.com
  • Compression of images into WebP format
  • Software version update
  • HTML code optimisation
  • Updating plug-ins

Among the many factors that can speed up your website, there are a few key ones. These are:

  1. Using the Content Delivery Network
    The CDN netart.com stores copies of statistical website elements in multiple servers around the world. This enables faster delivery of content to users regardless of their geographical location. Don't be outdone by others!
  2. Compression of page graphics into WebP format
    By choosing the modern WebP graphic format, you can reduce the size of your site by up to several times! CloudHosting netart.com has a mechanism for automatically converting and compressing images on pages to WebP. Take advantage of this!
  3. Minimizing redirects
    An important redirect generates an additional HTTP request, which may slow down the loading of the website. Optimize their number!
  4. Proper hosting configuration
    Premium hosting from netart.com comes with many additional features you can enable to improve the speed and security of your website. Take advantage of them!
  5. Fixes in the website code
    The website code should not contain too many references to resources outside CloudHosting. Each time external elements are called, the page loads slower.

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